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As the evenings begin to draw in, Paul Thomas of Door Décor and More, looks at the benefits of installing outdoor lighting.

Your family and home are precious to you, and looking after both during the night hours can be easier if you have installed outdoor security lighting. Firstly you should consider your needs before making your purchase – for example, do you really need a 500w floodlight that illuminates not only your garden but your neighbour’s gardens on both sides too?

But seriously, you should light up your porch, side passages and the rear of your home, not only for your security but also to keep your friends, family and visitors safe from tripping or falling in the dark.

An attractive up/down lighter or carriage style lamp at your front door looks good and, if used in conjunction with a passive infrared sensor (PIR) will only come on when someone approaches your front door, saving electricity. Alternatively, a low wattage dusk till dawn lamp might suit your needs better –  but remember that the householder can be held liable if a visitor falls approaching their door in total darkness, side passages can be lit in the same way so that you don’t trip in the dark.

Outdoor lighting is also a deterrent to burglars and wild animals, such as foxes, giving you peace of mind during the hours of darkness. Don’t forget to check with your insurance company as you might get a saving on your premium by installing outdoor lighting. In the rear garden a 100w (18w LED) will be ample to provide reassurance for you, again taking care not to let the light intrude into your neighbour’s property.

Outdoor lighting also gives you peace of mind while you are out at night or holiday, knowing that your property is far less likely to be targeted by criminals if the approaches are lit.

There is a misconception that – ‘the brighter the light, the bigger the deterrent’ – as brighter lights cause more dark shadows which are potential hiding places! A lower level of brightness is much more effective overall.

Also remember that the use of good quality locks and padlocks in and around your garden are very important to further protect your property theft. Sheds should be fitted with a strong bolt-through hasp and staple and secured with a quality padlock with the shortest shackle that will fit, to prevent it being cut by bolt croppers. Even if you havn’t got a shed, you can still protect your bikes, lawn mowers etc by using a strong chain and a shackle bolted firmly to an outside wall. There are also DIY portable alarms to use in sheds and outhouses that are simple and easy to fit.

For advice on making your home secure this winter, pop into our showroom, we are always happy to give you advice.

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