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The colour of Autumn with Chantele Cross-Jones

Chantele Cross-Jones makes her return to Bay this month, and she certainly comes back with a bang. Red is the colour this season and she’s found some great examples with something for everyone.

Well hello again lovely Bay readers, I’ve been gone for a little while; I’m busy being mum to my year old little dude. He is constantly on the go; he’s a very energetic and cheeky little boy who has been keeping me on my toes. I think we are finally settling into a routine of being working parents with a toddler, so I am back to help you with your fashion questions and to give you the low down of what’s in style each season.

It’s a little sad to think we have barely had a summer this year, weather wise, and I am already looking ahead to autumn! But if I am honest autumn is my favourite season. I am a fan of layering and wrapping up warm, and autumn is often drier than the summer months.

I’ve been browsing the press images and catalogues of what is due to be released in stores over the next month or so, and if I’m honest I’m not finding a huge selection of cohesive trends to tell you about, but one thing did stand out in almost every high street store I looked at. The colour red! It seems to be everywhere. And there seems to be two very distinctive shades of red. One is deep, rich and warm, and oozes just a little decadence and elegance, which I’m all for, and it seems perfect for autumn. The other, in contrast, is bright, bold, almost sharp in colour and feels far younger and more exuberant. Pantone are calling them Tawny Port and Grenadine, which makes total sense.

You’ll find that the 70s vibe of the summer months seems to be continuing through to the autumn and winter in the form of billowy sleeves, chiffon blouses, floral prints and wide leg trousers.

These stunning shades of red both look great paired with the other colours of the season, navy, peony and neutral grey. So play around with your style this season when incorporating red into your outfit, you can either go all out like the model shots from Debenhams and Dorothy Perkins or just add a hit of that deep red in your accessories or as part of a great floral print number.

Personally I’d love to pair the red Matalan jumper with the silver grey pleated Dorothy Perkins skirt, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for that River Island Fedora as it is winter time perfection!

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