With Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

A winter session in the middle of summer!

Since early April, the surf has been inconsistent on Gower beaches to say the least. Long flat spells have been sprinkled with the very odd day of weak small swell. It’s truly been one of the worst summers for surf in over a decade.

So it was most surprising that the first week of August, normally renowned for being the flattest month of the year, brought with it a great big dollop of solid swell action, normally reserved for the winter months.

That said, it was accompanied by some classic winter-style weather too, with lashing rain and howling winds, which had the holiday makers abandoning the beaches and running for the delights of the leisure centre swimming pool for a few days.

The surfers on the other hand were rubbing their hands with glee at this surprise, but most welcome summer gift.

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