Christmas Lingerie

with Chantele Cross-Jones

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I think we can officially say it’s nearly Christmas so it is perfectly acceptable to talk about gift shopping and presents. I am one of those sickening people who have probably finished their shopping by the time this goes to print (sorry!) I am super organised and like to start buying items way back in the summer when I see things that I think people will like, but don’t worry if you haven’t started shopping – you still have loads of time. Just don’t leave it until 2 days before Christmas please.

Now I hate to speculate or stereotype but more often than not it is men who will leave their shopping until the last minute, then go on a mad dash to try and find something suitable for their significant other (and mum no doubt!) whilst having to queue for 2 hours to even park the car in the shopping centre. So today’s article is for you. I’m going to solve all your Christmas shopping needs and say that 90% of women would love some beautiful lingerie or silk sleepwear …if you’re brave enough to buy it for her, I know I would!

First you need to make sure you know her size, there is nothing worse than accidentally insulting her by purchasing a totally incorrect size of lingerie, either be upfront and ask her, or sneakily check a label when she’s not around. She will be even more impressed if the underwear is the correct size and fits her on Christmas day, I promise. But please be conscious of the type of lingerie your lady wears and aim for classy over trashy, she wants to feel and look beautiful in it.

You can’t go far wrong with black underwear, it is always going to look more elegant than something in bright pink or another bold colour, and it will suit a wider age range too. Delicate lace is also likely to be a big hit with most women as it exudes a feminine feel, and you will find a huge range of underwear this season edged with pretty lace.

If you’re not feeling brave enough to purchase lingerie then opt for some beautiful sleepwear. Silk pyjamas or a silk robe are likely to be just as much of a hit. It shows a lot of thought, wanting to treat her to something decadent and that she will feel great wearing. You can pick silk pyjamas up from lots of shops on the high street or even your local supermarket this season; both Sainsburys and Tesco have great sets. Again make sure you know her size before you shop.

Of course ladies you can always just treat yourself to something beautiful ready for the festive season. What you wear under your party outfit is as important as the outfit itself. If you feel great in your lingerie it will show, plus sometimes you want to feel sexy and beautiful simply for yourself, it’ll give you confidence all over. And the last option is to circle the items you like in this article and tactically leave the magazine open where your other half is most likely to find it, like on his pillow, next to the kettle or on top of the TV remote!

Have an awesome Christmas everyone and I’ll see you in the New Year with next seasons on trend looks.

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