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Q: When things go wrong on my phone, I’d like to take a screenshot so I can show it to others, but my phone is my camera, so how do I do this?

A: This is a feature that’s been around since the beginning of the iPhone. To take a photo of the screen you need to press and hold the home button and immediately after, press the on/off button, then release both. The screenshot will be automatically stored in your Photos app. In iOS 11, the screenshot hangs around for a few seconds lower left of the screen. Tap on it and you are given some tools to crop and annotate it (highly useful to highlight a specific section).

iOS 11 also brings you the ability to record what you see on the screen as a video. This isn’t enabled by default. To activate it, go to Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls. Tap on Screen Recording’s green ‘+’ to add it. Then, swipe up to reveal your control centre and see a new record icon. Tap on it and it’ll give you a three second countdown and begin recording. Everything you do on your phone from then on until you stop the recording will be saved as a video file. Even better, force-touch the icon to reveal a short menu, which includes the option to turn on the microphone. That way, you can talk at the same time, making it the best tool to show something to someone when you’re not physically next to them (please note: even with the microphone turned on, it doesn’t record the audio coming out of your phone – unless that audio is rerouted to external speakers).

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