With Chantele Cross-Jones

Look fit, keep fit

Hello everyone and welcome to 2018! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and indulged in all that tasty festive food. If you’re anything like me you probably indulged a little too much, and like thousands of other people I am sure a few of you made the resolution to lose weight this year, or get fit, or eat more healthily. Yep, hands up, I am one of those people!

So if you’re thinking about losing weight or getting into shape, then you probably intend to start some sort of fitness regime. Personally I have started a yoga class (ease myself into exercise gently) so have been on the hunt for some cute but practical yoga pants and fitted tops. Luckily January is a good time to look for active-wear as lots of shops stock a great selection. I was super surprised to see a really great and affordable selection in my local Tesco.

Although many of us make the resolution to get fit, the likelihood is a lot of us won’t make it long term, so it’s best not to go spending a fortune on fancy gym clothes, especially after all the Christmas spending. Instead buy some of the affordable items you can find in supermarkets, TKMaxx or online on sites like Then if you do manage to stick it out for the long run you can always upgrade your gear to more high end or specialised fitness brands in the future, if you feel you need to.

So here are a just a few of my favourite items from the high street this January, and they are all at purse friendly affordable prices.

I would suggest spending a little more on a good pair of trainers or running shoes as these are important for the health of your feet and your legs, plus it can actually impact your training greatly if you’re not properly supported. So visit a specialised sports footwear shop if you can.

p.s. ladies don’t forget a support bra if you’re going to be getting physically active and moving a lot…you’ll thank me later!

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