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Q: I hear the iPhone’s Control Centre can be customised… but how?

A: Before we get started, the Control Centre is a menu you can access by swiping up from the edge of the bottom of you iPhone or iPad’s screen. You can use it to quickly switch to Airplane mode for instance, start or stop music, alter the brightness and control the volume, or use a set number of predetermined apps without unlocking your phone. This menu has been available for years but only recently has it been customisable.

Not everything can be changed, mind. Only the row of icons at the bottom can. By default, you have four: flashlight, timer, calculator and camera.

In order to add or remove icons, tap on the Settings app, and go to the Control Centre menu. Select ‘Customise Controls’ and you’ll be graced with a list of items. The top list are the icons al-ready displayed in your current Control Centre. The list beneath it offers you other tools you can add.

To include one, simply tap on its green ‘+’ button. It’ll disappear from that list and appear in the other. You can also reorder your items by dragging up or down the three thin lines to the control’s right. To remove an item from the Control Centre, tap on its red ‘-‘ button and confirm your action by tapping on the ‘Remove’ button that appears to its right.

Customising the Control Centre can be a highly useful feature if you need specific apps in your day to day use, and is a great and powerful way to make your iPhone unique to you.

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