Core facts about exercise and parkinson’s (and a free gift)

With Molly Jones - Ability Neuro Physio

Molly is a physiotherapist with special interest in neurology, helping people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Here she tells us about the PD WARRIOR exercise programme

After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, you might think that doing any form of exercise is enough to keep you going and moving. And at one point, I believe this to be the case too. But it’s getting harder to avoid the new research findings relating to exercise and brain train-ing, and the simple conclusion is that the RIGHT KIND of exercise targets the symptoms of Parkin-son’s disease. What do I mean by this? For example, you might be a keen walker, runner, or cyclist already, all of which is great for your heart health, but the repetitive movements and constant rate of effort means your brain does not get the right kind of stim-ulation. After a few minutes, your brain ‘switches off’ from the task and the automatic section of the brain and spinal cord takes over to continue with the activity.

PD Warrior Program is designed to drive brain change and fight the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The program is structured around a framework of seven core principles and it is this combination of principles that truly creates the magic of PD Warrior.

The program focuses on the amount of effort you exert on each exercise, as well as selecting the correct movement/task which fits your symptoms. It also encourages habit formation, self-monitoring, injury prevention, medication timing, goal setting, and involvement with PD community. For all these reasons, PD Warrior Program is unique and different from any other exercise programs or classes, and there is a large body of evidence supporting the program’s design and delivery.

The journey is simple. The first step is to have a full Initial Assessment with a fully trained and licensed PD Warrior Instructor, so that your needs can be fully identified and have a tailored program. This is followed by Introductory Sessions so that your Instructor can show you how to do the program properly so you get the best out of the program. And finally, the PD Warrior 10 Week Challenge, where you do the PD Warrior Circuit either in a class or as individual sessions.

Now, I’m not suggesting you stop doing any physical activities you’re already engaged with. Being fit and staying fit is a good start to your journey. But PD Warrior Program will help enhance your lifestyle and target your activities towards managing symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, and you will find you can apply all the core principles to everything you already do.

If you’re not engaging in any form of exercise yet, not to worry, the Program can be tailored to any levels of fitness or stage in Parkinson’s Disease, although my suggestion is to get into the Program so that you learn the ‘good habits’ of exercise earlier on. So don’t be shy, the Program is here to help.

As I will be shortly going on maternity leave, the last bookings for Initial Assessment and Introductory Sessions which is offered as a 3-session package will be in June 2018. In the meantime, as a parting gift, I’d like to give free online copies of the PD Warrior Workbook which contains comprehensive background information about the Program, FREE version of 10 Week Challenge, and 10 Core exercises. Send me an email via with your name and contact details, and of course, I’d be happy to answer any queries.

So if I don’t see you by June, see you sometime later this year. Will keep you posted.

All the best in your journey. Remember, everything you want in life is on the other side of fear.

Ability Neuro Physio is your local PD WARRIOR licenced facility for Swansea, providing all assessments, introductory sessions, and the signature 10 Week Challenge Programme. Visit or call 07415 551 279 to get involved



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