Leg of Welsh lamb with coconut, chilli and coriander

Summer Recipe with eatwelshlambandwelshbeef.com

With the arrival of summer and the start of the good weather, our thoughts turn to dining al fresco and the joys of the BBQ. It doesn’t have to be sausages and burgers – why not try cooking the Sunday roast over hot coals – here’s a recipe from eatwelshlambandwelshbeef.com that fits the bill


1 boneless leg of Welsh lamb

For the marinade

400 ml can of reduced fat coconut milk

2 red chillies, deseeded and finely chopped

2 garlic cloves, crushed

Fresh coriander, roughly chopped

1 lime, grated zest and juice



Flatten the lamb out and place in a shallow dish. Add the marinade ingredients and mix thoroughly. Cover and refrigerate for an hour.

Remove from the marinade and thread metal skewers criss-crossing through the meat to keep it flat. The metal skewer also helps to conduct the heat through the lamb.

Cook on a lidded or covered barbecue – not too close to the coals. Turn frequently and cook for about 40 – 50 minutes until the outside is nicely browned and the inside is slightly pink.

Alternatively place on a rack in a pre-heated oven 180°c, for about the same time.

Take the reserved marinade and bring to the boil and simmer until slightly thickened – about 5 minutes. Serve the marinade drizzled over the lamb. Chinese stir fried vegetables make a great accompaniment.



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