Local Talent

With Rae Howells


You can play water.


The first stone dropped into the rock pool makes a musical note.

Then a second. Deep bass pianos in the shadows,

the shallows offer high peals.

We find more stones, limestone, flint, quartz.


Like pearls, round pebbles glim from your small hands

and slip down, embraced by the water’s surface.

The pool rings and chimes and tines.


You like the sounds of stones.


At your clacks, crabs flex back under the rocks –

the plack of stone on wet stone

startles shrimps into the sun.


We try to play a tune, rough pebbles and smooth,

dark and light like piano keys,

flying from our dry hands into the ear of the pool

the trombone mouth flinging notes back up into air:

plink, che-kunk, plip, chewp, blup


You give the water a voice.

It sings.

Award-winning local poet Rae Howells has written this poem about her daughter playing in a rock pool especially for Bay magazine.

Rae recently won the Rialto Nature and Place poetry competition, judged by Michael Longley, and her pamphlet, Five, is available to buy from Cover to Cover, Mumbles and on her website www.raehowells.co.uk

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