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It’s the law in the UK that all dogs over eight weeks old must be chipped, but sadly not cats.

If an animal goes missing the easiest way to get it returned to its owner is to scan it for a chip.

To do this means finding a vet and taking up their time to scan it. Outside of practice hours there could be a long wait until they are open.

Mobile scanners are the answer. A group of volun-teers in Swansea, dedicate their time to finding/return-ing lost pets. To make things easier they use a scanner.

There is a Facebook group called Swansea Voluntary Scanners who have a team on hand to come out to scan any stray cats or dogs that are reported to them.

One member recently set up a Go Fund Me page to raise funds to purchase scanners for the group. To date Nicola Round has raised over £300 of the £500 needed.

Another site that helps find lost dogs is – again there are volunteers in Swansea who are on hand with scanners to try and reunite pets with their owners.

As any pet owner will know, having an animal go missing is very upsetting – our cats and dogs are very much part of our families.

It isn’t only live animals that can be scanned. The volunteers will scan animals that have been found and have been victims of a fatal road accident. They are then able to contact the owner and allow them to say goodbye and grieve for their pet – it doesn’t take away the heartache but at least they have full knowledge of what has happened.

If you’d like to help the volunteers to continue their valuable work then please make a donation no matter how small as it will help them to provide cover in Swansea and Gower 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

To donate please go to:





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