The BAY Joke Book suitable for all ages

“Did you hear the one about…”

Bay has teamed up with travel writer and photographer Nick Smith and illustrator Simon Williams to bring you a book of ‘mad, bad and seriously sad Dad jokes’. This book is guaranteed to bring groans and laughter to all the family with its corny one-liners and funny stories – suitable for age range 9 to 90.

It makes the perfect stocking filler for anyone who likes a good clean giggle.

With nearly 200 pages, this little pocket-size paperback book has jokes in fun categories from Man’s Best Friend, Doctor Doctor, Shaggy Dog Stories, Dead Funny, Gallows Humour to Breaking News and Classic Jokes – there really is something to make everyone chuckle.

Here are a few to get you in the mood.

Breaking News: Just in. The condition of the man mauled at the teddy bear’s tea party is said to be improving. But he’s not out of the woods yet.

Man’s Best Friend: A Labrador walks into a telegraph office, picks up a blank form and writes:

“Woof, woof,woof…. Woof, woof, woof….. Woof. Woof, woof.” The woman behind the counter takes the form off the Labrador, checks it and says “Excuse me sir, but you’ve written nine words here. If I may make a suggestion, you could add another ‘woof’ for the same price”. To which the Labrador shakes his head and rolls his eyes heavenwards. “But that would make no sense at all.”

Eat, Drink and be Merry: A diner in the local curry house asks the waiter what the difference is between a chana dal and a tarka dal. To which the waiter replies: “chana is quite spicy. But tarka is a little otter”.


Priced at just £9.99 per copy to include P&P to any UK address.

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