The Gut: Seed of all health

Naturopathic Nutrition with Carmen Gresa-Alemany

We’ve all heard about it and it is all over the scientific literature, “intestinal permeability” or “leaky gut”, but what does it mean?

Imagine this; your shower has tiles on the wall with grout between them, but what if that grout crumbled? Water would leak behind those tiles. This is what happens to your gut cells when there is a leaky gut present. As I have seen over and over in clinic, stress, pesticides, antibiotics, chemicals in food and cosmetics disrupt that grout, allowing large particles through. Like Professor Fassano said “The gut is not Las Vegas, what happens in the gut, does not stay in the gut”.

So, you might ask yourself and think, what can I do to maintain those “gate keepers” from allowing strangers in?

Start your day with warm water and lemon; take a couple of minutes to yourself. Lemon encourages good ph in the body, kick-starts your liver into de-tox mode, is high in vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium and B vitamins.

Soak a spoonful of flax seeds in water overnight and drink it in the morning before breakfast. Soaking them produces a mucilaginous gel that “mops up” unwanted hormones and cholesterol trapping them, making sure they are excreted, and ensuring that stools are easy to pass.

Bone broth, high in gelatine, which keeps those “gate keepers” strong, may not only heal the gut but may also aid with osteoarthritis, good sleep, and reduce inflammation.

Not focusing on our food. We’ve all done it; sending text messages, in front of the laptop, twitter, FB, TV.  If you don’t look at your food, your body does not know it’s coming, and this will affect your tribes (good and bad bacteria). Don’t grab fast food on your way to a meeting and wolf it down. Remember, food is information to your body, so is it good or bad info you are feeding it? Wait a couple of minutes in front of your food, literally salivating, in order to activate your body functions as to what is going to happen, get your brain and gut ready for it.

And one more thing, eat nourishing foods that your great grandmother would have recognised as “food”. She would have told you “be immune to dieting trends darling, it’s all marketing”.

Ask yourself, would she have used margarine on her toast?

Or no-calorie sprays?

Look after your gut; it’s where it all starts. Prescribe yourself laughter; remove unnecessary situations in your life as a means to wellness. Place a gratitude jar in your kitchen and teach your kids to use it every night so they go to bed on a happy thought, a good thing for you to do too.  And when it comes to chemicals, pesticides or GMO’s, vote with your fork!

If you are doing all of this, but burping, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and abdominal pain still sound familiar, why wonder? Life is too precious to be guessing. Contact me for a 15 minute free of charge, informal chat. Be happy in the skin you are in.






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