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at Woodfield Animal Sanctuary

Woodfield Animal Sanctuary, located in Welshmoor, North Gower…a haven for rescued animals

Robbie Bartington, spent many years as a child in Swansea, and with her husband David, decided to retire to Gower six years ago. They bought a small-holding with the intention of having a few animals to share their new life. They went in search of a relaxing retirement; running an animal sanctuary was certainly not part of their plan!

However, a few animals turned into many more as Robbie and David (pictured left) realised there was a need for a safe haven in Gower. This decision was taken following a call from a member of the public who rang to ask for help with a foal whose mother had died out on the common. Another of their early rescues was an abandoned pony left tied to their gate. Although totally emaciated on arrival, he fought against all the odds to recover and is still living happily at Woodfield. Running Woodfield as a not for profit organisation has become a life’s work for this wonderful couple.

The sanctuary accepts animals from the RSPCA, Trading Standards, slaughter rescue and many more individual cases. Until more recently the 60 horses had been the main focus but now there are also two cows, many cats and dogs and a flock of sheep.

At Woodfield, animals that arrive together – stay together. Relationships in the animal world are as important as within the human one. Once animals are brought back to health, forever homes are found for those suitable. Sadly, many remain psychologically damaged, due to the trauma they have experienced and those will live out the rest of their days at Woodfield.

Currently employing a small number of staff the sanctuary is always on the look-out for animal loving volunteers, mostly to help out with the horses and ponies. Volunteers have to be over 16 and will be shown how to care for horses, feeding, mucking out, filling hay nets etc.

Woodfield really needs help to keep the sanctuary going. Donations no matter how small are gratefully received. You can donate via the website, facebook or direct debit. For further information please visit the website or facebook to see the rescue stories and the love and care that is making the difference.

Woodfield Animal Sanctuary, Woodfield House, Welshmoor, Gower, SA3 1EX. Tel: 01792 390455

Contact: Robbie and David Bartington





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