The House Mouse

Pest of the month with Mark Millar Swansea Pest Control

At Swansea Pest Control you will receive a polite and professional service from initial contact, during a treatment and after the treatment has finished. 

As our customer you will receive a FULL WRITTEN REPORT AND COSHH* SHEET with every visit to your property. We carry out a site survey and risk assessment on all our visits.

We have Public Liability Insurance and we are a full member of the BPCA (our governing body).

Our pest of the month is the humble house intruder, the mouse. They are small enough to gain entry to any building via a 6 – 20 mm gap or hole, and destructive enough in numbers to cause damage to properties through the gnawing of electrical cable, water and gas pipes and woodwork. These nibbling nuisances have to gnaw constantly to keep their incisor teeth worn down.

Mice can also cause distress to property owners and tenants as they are mainly active at night, when the main complaint from customers is the constant noise the mice can make in lofts and walls while they are looking for food and water.

Mice have been known to spread disease to humans like Salmonella or Listeria which can cause food poisoning.

Mouse activity can be noted by mouse drop-pings (3-6mm dark and rod shaped), oil smear marks and signs of gnawing and of course actual sightings in your house.

Mice infestations are easily treatable with our mouse riddance programme which consists of weekly visits (on average around 3 visits). We initially use 3 different rodenticides, pasta/wax block/grain bait, then, on the 2nd visit we can see which baits the mice have eaten. We also leave snap-traps in various safe areas for the duration of the treatment. ALL OUR BAITS AND TRAPS ARE IN CHILD AND PET PROOF PLASTIC MOUSE STATIONS.

After an infestation has been successfully treated an important part of pest control is to proof any holes or gaps that may offer any future entry-exit point(s) for mouse activity.

Any foliage or vegetation build up in gardens should be cut back or removed to prevent mice being able to establish themselves in the garden and from there to then gain entry to a property. Swansea Pest Control provides both proofing and foliage clearance services.

We charge £25.00 per visit** for the readers of Bay Magazine and have a response time of 24 – 48 hours to attend your property.

We hope this article will be helpful to Bay readers. Please call Mark on 01792 415726 OFFICE or 07305 814700 MOBILE for any help or advice you may need. Visit our website for further info + services for other pests at

*COSHH – Control of Substances Harmful to Health ** SA1, 2, 3 and 4 only



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