Full cycle or only prewash?

Detoxifying your liver is like cleaning your laundry; would you be prepared to walk around with clothes that have not been washed properly? When the detoxification ability of the liver is impaired this is exactly what happens. Your body can do a “full cycle” on a daily basis, as long as your diet is good enough for this to happen, and you have no nutritional deficiencies. Eating whole foods, as a natural liver detox, gives your body optimal nutrition to induce detoxification flawlessly.

In your liver:

  • Filtration is similar to finding stains in your laundry, and good nutrients allow the liver the ability to filter the blood; identifying both good things (food and nutrients) and bad things (toxins and harmful substances).
  • Phase I, like the pre-wash cycle, uses enzymes and nutrients to neutralize the bad guys (toxins, used hormones, medication, food additives and others). Nevertheless toxin reactivity can cause problems if it does not continue to phase 2 right away.  Organic fruits, vegetables, and fresh fruit juices fuel this first phase, choose ripe fruits, high in vitamin C.
  • Phase II is like the main wash cycle that removes dirt and debris leaving your clothes clean. It makes those toxins water-soluble for removal from the body. Amino acids (building blocks of protein) drive this stage, by attaching to the toxins to neutralize and escort them out of the body. Beets are an amazing liver detox; they thin your bile, allowing your body to achieve detoxification efficiently. Thick bile leads to fatigue, low energy, constipation, PMS, toxicity and disease. Non-inflammatory proteins, such as eggs, fish, gelatin, shellfish, and organic organ meats support your detoxification capabilities. Have inflammatory proteins (such as muscle meats) only every other day, to help balance your amino acids.
  • Elimination is much like the drain and spin cycle. Toxins are eliminated out the digestive tract via bile, or via the kidneys in urine. However, if this cycle is not working optimally, you will still be left with dirt inside, producing stagnation and a sluggish liver. A great way to eliminate and support your liver whilst eliminating the toxins, is colonic hydrotherapy, which improves peristalsis and retrains your colon back to health, ensuring your cycle has not just only been a “full cycle”, but the “drum” of your machine is in perfect condition to avoid build-up of poisons and toxins.

The liver is king, so take care of it through the right nutrition. An unhealthy liver doesn’t have the tools needed to wash out the stains. If the following still describes you, constipation, greasy stools, headaches over eyes, light coloured stools, stomach upset by greasy foods, easily hung-over, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, sensitive to chemicals, bitter taste in mouth after meals, your detoxification system might be trying to tell you something. Life is too precious to be guessing, so let’s talk about it in a 15-minute free, friendly, and confidential chat:




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