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Q: I know how to take a screen-shot with my Mac, but I can never capture the cursor along with it which is really annoying some-times. Is there a third-party app that can let me do this?

A: There certainly are a few, but you might actually benefit from one of Mojave’s new features. Mojave (aka MacOS 10.14) was released in October of last year and is a major free update for all compatible Macs – most released since 2012 are compatible.

As you know, holding down the Shift and Command keys and pressing the number 3 takes a shot of the whole screen. Pressing 4 gives you a crosshair cursor so you can narrow down your take – or you can select an entire window instead by pressing the spacebar.

Now, with Mojave, you can also press 5. This combines the previous two versions and adds other features, including the one you’re after. A small floating window lets you choose if you want the whole screen, a window or just a portion. You can even choose to record a video instead of taking a photo. Then you have an ‘Option’ menu, to decide where to save your shot, whether to take the shot immediately or give you a timer (to allow you to take a shot as you drag an item, or as you press other keys which may affect the look of the shot you want to take). The very last one is ‘Show Mouse Pointer’. Make sure it’s ticked, and your issue is resolved.

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