Why do we give up?

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Have you ever said you are going to do something but not stuck at it or seen it through? Maybe you planned to give up smoking, bought an e-cigarette but you saw an old friend who offered you a real cigarette and now you’re back smoking again. Maybe you said you weren’t going to drink for 2 weeks but ended up giving in because you went out with your mates and they were all drinking so you joined in. Those are real life examples where we might give up.

Now that you have an idea where I’m going with this, I’m going to relate the ‘why do we give up?’ question to fitness. Your health is really important, especially as you get older, when bones and muscles get weaker. Everyone has an idea what they want, which we can call a fitness goal.

However, many clients I have trained are guilty to the following:

  • Expecting results too soon
  • Having a goal but not understanding fully, what they need to do to achieve it
  • Make the wrong choices and don’t prioritise
  • Are unaware of the sacrifices that need to be made
  • Think that now they have a Personal Trainer, there is a magic formula to get results faster

These are also some of the reasons why we give up

I was chatting with my client Basel. He was telling me about his friend at work, who just can’t seem to get motivated. They want to get fit and lose weight but are struggling making that first move to getting started. Sound familiar?

I believe a lot of this comes down to mental strength but also priorities. For example, you want to get a new pair of shoes, but you can’t afford them at the moment, so what do you do? You figure out a way to raise the money to buy the shoes. This might not happen overnight and might take a few weeks, you may have to work extra hours to get extra money and make certain sacrifices.

Ultimately, you must stick to working the extra hours, even when it’s tough, because you know you are working towards a goal, which is also a reward.

Exercise is the same and requires the same principles, just in a different context. Let’s say you want to lose weight. The two variables you need to change is Nutrition and Exercise. You have to make certain sacrifices to create a calorie deficit, by eating less calories on a daily basis. That might mean you make healthier choices or skip starters when you eat out. Along with this, you also need to exercise which helps burn calories. Resistance training more so than cardio, which helps with your metabolic response. But again, this won’t happen overnight, but you have to prioritise and make sacrifices to do this.

Now, back to my first example. If you didn’t ‘really’ want the shoes, you just kind of wanted them, what would you do? There is a strong chance you would lose motivation and give up. You would stop working the extra hours and as a result, you wouldn’t own the new pair of shoes. When it comes to fitness, if you stop watching what you eat, if you don’t exercise, if you overindulge in sweets, alcohol and bad foods, you won’t lose weight.

Ask yourself ‘what do I need to focus on the most?’ Once you have established this, you can make this your priority. Some tips are to write it down, have a photo or image of who motivates you or what you want to look like. Make a conscious effort to stick to your good habits so it becomes a lifestyle.

Below, are some key variables which you can work on, that will help you not to give up.

  • Motivation
  • Ownership
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Belief

What do all these variables have in common? Well, they’re all ones that YOU can control. Mindset plays a big part in making things happen. Next time you’re thinking of giving up, assess one of the variables listed above and make sure you are on top of them all. Do this consistently and I’m sure you will get results.

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