7 Core Principles of PD Warrior…SPECIFICITY

With Molly Jones - Ability Neuro Physio

So, what have we been up to?

By the time of publication, we would be approaching the end of our first 10-week challenge class. It’s been an interesting journey for us all, and what I enjoy the most is watching participants transform into confident Warriors. As the classes are designed to introduce additional activities beyond the 10 core exercises, there’s always something new to learn – and everyone was up for it, giving it their best 80% effort!

As an instructor and physiotherapist, my role goes beyond showing people how to do exercises correctly – motivation, coaching, and habit-formation are all part of the PD Warrior program. Of the 7 core principles, making exercises relevant to the context of a person’s life (specificity) is crucial for engagement and compliance. In addition, seeing other people’s journey can enhance one’s own understanding of what it’s like to live with Parkinson’s under different circumstances and learn how to apply other people’s knowledge into their own coping strategies.

On reflection, running the PD Warrior classes allowed me and the participants to collaborate as equal partners and make the program work for their needs – to find their ‘challenge tasks’ and zone in on these during training. Although the class is generally meant to be run as a circuit where each person goes from one exercise station to another, we felt as a group that some exercises were better (and more fun) to do together as a group. It was an easy decision for me to change the format of the class to make it more specific to the group and allow the participants to get the most out of the class.

Here’s what some of the Warriors have to say about their own experiences of the class:

The PDW classes run by Molly are both fun and enjoyable and, in my case, have helped to maintain my mobility. The classes have given me both confidence and direction to continue exercising. I have also had the opportunity to meet other people who suffer with Parkinson’s and share experiences. I would thoroughly recommend anyone recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s to attend a PDW course run by Molly.       


I’m glad to have the opportunity to do some-thing positive to help with my Parkinson’s. Mixing with other people in the same position is therapeutic. Molly makes the classes fun, sets a high standard and encourages me to get the best out of myself. I have noticed an improvement in my mobility and intend to continue with the exercises.       


Attending the PD Warrior exercise class once a week has been really beneficial. The weekly class provides a focus and a means of sharing the exercise experience with other people. We have also learnt some new exercises, in addition to the 10 core exercises, and everyone can work at his or her own pace and ability. It’s fun and enjoyable.      


So, whatever you decide to do with your Parkinson’s for the rest of the summer, make sure it’s the right one for YOU. The more specific your actions are, the better you will combat your symptoms. Curious about the class? We will be taking a short break after session 10 (5th August) – so get ready for the next one in September, book your induction ASAP, and join the tribe for the next PD Warrior 10-week challenge!  See you all soon!



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