Summer bodies are made in winter

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It’s easy for me to say the above, as I live in Dubai where we have a hot climate all year round. Many of us want to look better, be in shape, be fitter or healthier – and we normally want to do this in time for summer.

The trend is that when the weather starts to get hotter, around April or May time, we start to exercise more regularly. Why do we do this?

  • We put on weight during the winter from Sept to March and need to shift it
  • We feel uncomfortable and when we step on the scales we don’t like what we see.
  • We know that beach weather is coming, and we’ll be swapping winter layers for summer shorts
  • We feel the need to make up for all the nights on the couch watching Netflix when it was cold outside, and now want to get more active

Most people go into hibernation in the winter but imagine how you would look and how you would feel, and what shape you would be in, if you exercised all year round, instead of just part of the year. Imagine the results you would get.

In my previous articles, I have written about training and nutrition tips, to help you achieve your goals. Some of my clients leave it too late to get started or don’t realise that changing the body takes time. It’s not an overnight process and there is no quick fix or magic formula.

Wouldn’t it be better to under promise then over deliver?

Instead, we get caught up in other things which distract us, we end up over promising and under delivering to ourselves. We end up making little changes instead of big changes. Ultimately, if we don’t get the results we want, we lose motivation.

The best advice I can give to you this winter is …train as if you are training for a winter holiday. A sunshine getaway where you need to look your best. I’m not saying you need to exercise every day and just eat a chicken and broccoli diet (if you choose that, that’s fine) I’m saying you need to be active all year round so that your starting point is closer to your finishing point.

Monitor your nutrition and exercise weekly. Each week try to beat the previous, so you are constantly setting new standards to progress and achieve. Another tip is to try on your bikini or swim shorts in the winter. If you’re unhappy with what you see, it will motivate you to do something about it.

So, summer bodies can be made and should be made in the winter months. If you are able to exercise in the winter, you will be in much better shape next year when the real summer comes. Try it, what have you got to lose? Give yourself 12 months instead of 6 months to achieve your goal.

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