The benefits of hot stones

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Hot stones warmed by a fire have long been used by Native Americans to ease and soothe away tension and aching muscles.

Today, basalt stones which are a type of volcanic rock are heated in a stove between 130 and 145 degrees and are used due to their smoothness and ability to retain the heat.

Swedish massage techniques are used during a hot stone therapy treatment including slow and gentle stokes to initially warm up the muscles before stones are placed on the body. Depending on the specific needs of the client, stones may be positioned; along your spine, on your stomach, chest, face, palms of hands, feet and toes.

Hot stone therapy massage has many holistic benefits and is fast becoming a popular complementary therapy.

Heat releases muscle tension and pain as it helps to increase blood flow to the affected area. Research suggests that massage therapy can be an effective way of:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Promoting sleep/insomnia – helping you to enjoy a more restorative sleep.
  • Relieving symptoms of autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia. A 2013 National Institute of Health study found that people with rheumatoid arthritis may experience less pain, greater strength and a range of motion after one month of massage therapy.
  • Decreasing cancer symptoms in the way that human touch and massage therapy can play a significant role emotionally.
  • Helping to regulate blood pressure and water retention. According to the National Centre for Complemen-tary and Integrative Health (2010) a single session of massage therapy had a positive impact on immunity.

Gower Garden Therapies

Using Neal’s Yard Remedies products, Gower Garden Therapies offers holistic services and packages including Hot Stone Therapy massage in a beautiful garden room in Reynoldston.

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