Christmas cardio

With Nicky Holland

Research has shown that people put on more weight in December than any other month in the year. That makes sense, right? December is the month full of Christmas parties, catching up with family and friends, nights out, evenings in watching films, eating more food than our body can handle…then eating the left overs the next day.

Many people find it hard to balance their energy consumption vs energy expenditure at this time. The desire to get in shape or get that ‘summer body’ is a far distant thought, which is outweighed by the temptation of Christmas and all that comes with it. If the energy consumption is higher than the energy expenditure, this causes a calorie surplus where we gain weight. Unless we have a few days of being in calorie deficit, which rarely happens in December, where we eat less than our daily allowance, we will still be up in our daily calories intake.

Year on year this seems to happen. Then as soon as January 1st comes, the gyms get super busy and everyone is on their health kick to lose the extra pounds gained over the festive period. This means we start the New Year trying to get our fitness back like it was in October or November, chasing our previously attained goals.

So why don’t we do something about it?

To give us an advantage in January, we need to stay smart and focussed. I’m not saying you need to avoid drinking or eating pigs in blankets, but you need to understand when you are overindulging and then balance it out with exercise.

Christmas Cardio is something my clients do. Why?

Because it allows them to eat what they want, it allows them to attend their Christmas parties and drink on the nights out. Doing cardio, doesn’t have to be a 10km run. It can be a walk for 30 minutes after dinner. It could be a swim, a cycle, a gym session, a play in the park with your children. How you get your exercise is completely up to you. But make sure you do it. 30 minutes of exercise makes up 2% of your day, which is achievable for everyone. However, you need to make yourself accountable, as the old cliche goes, nobody is going to do it for you. Don’t leave it until January and give yourself a mountain to climb to burn the extra calories, burn them along the way as you go and keep that metabolism firing.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy the food along the way, just don’t forget about the cardio too.

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