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Q: I save webpages as PDF documents pretty much all the time on my Mac. Is there a way to do this on the iPhone?

A: You’ve been able to do this for a while, although it’s a somewhat convoluted and unintuitive series of actions, although on the plus side, this will work no matter which app you’re in.

Essentially, open the webpage you wish to convert (or any other type of document, like an email, Note, drawing, etc). Once loaded, tap on the share button (the blue square icon with an arrow pointing up). From there, choose ‘Print’ (you may need to scroll to find it). This leads you to the print options, but don’t worry about any of that: just pinch the preview of your page. That action alone performs the PDF conversion – now all you have to do is tap on the share icon again (this time it should be top right) and select ‘Save to Files’.

Now if your focus is with webpages as you mentioned, you may be delighted with iOS 13’s new feature. Although note that this new method only works with a handful of Apple apps, such as Notes, Mail and the Safari browser.

Start by taking a screenshot of the page you’re viewing (if you’ve got a pre-iPhone Xs, press and briefly hold the Sleep/Wake and the Home buttons simultaneously – iPhone X and above owners, use the Sleep/Wake and the Volume Up buttons instead).

As usual, the screenshot preview appears for a few seconds bottom left of the screen. Tap on it.

This is normally where you edit your image, however notice that you now have two new options at the top of the interface: ‘screen’ and ‘full page’ (the former is selected by default).

Tap on the latter and then ‘Done’ and you’ll be given the option to confirm that you want to ‘Save PDF to Files’.

Still not what I’d call intuitive, but a heck of a lot simpler than the above method. Shame it’s not systemwide.


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