Green green grass of home

BAY Surfing with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

Tim Davies feeling happy he was at home to catch this Gower bomb. PIC: Guts

TOP: Tom Fisher getting vertical on a sunny evening session at Langland Bay BOTTOM: Adam Jenkins throwing a sky high rooster tail of spray at this classic South Gower reef. PICS: Guts

Regular readers of my column will know how partial I am, as most surfers are to a surf trip. Whether it’s to a far flung destination on the other side of the world, or somewhere closer like Ireland or even Yorkshire. No matter where you head to, the common denominator is the search for epic waves.

However, on occasion , you can find those epic conditions you search for,just down the road, without ever leaving home. You see the grass isn’t always greener, no matter how far you travel.

Happy surfing everyone

Have a merry Christmas and see you all in the new year


Empty Gower perfection PIC: Guts

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