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Gower Acupuncture with Tim Wright

In traditional Chinese medicine optimum health results from aligning yourself with the nature of the seasons. In winter it’s still and so lower levels of activity, introspection and more sleep are beneficial. Mirroring nature, scarcity of food forces animals to reduce energy expenditure or hibernate in some circumstances. Moving into spring and summer, energy levels increase. It’s an expansive time. A time to get out, put plans into action – be they diet, running, more time in the gym. Autumn, by contrast and like winter, is a season of contraction and reflection. Activity levels drop as we can start to reflect on a year passed.

Unfortunately, this autumn I’ve blown my own advice of living a calm time of quiet retrospection by opening a clinic in Mumbles. I learnt many things. That an apparently small space can still take an inordinate amount of time to get organised, decorated and ready, and that my budgeting skills for this project, are as optimistic as many a Grand Designs house builder. I’ve also learnt that Castleton Walk Arcade – where my new clinic is based is a great little place.

Just off Newton Road it houses some truly excellent little places. A great health food shop run by very knowledgeable staff and owners, a first-rate bakery, a cafe whose turmeric lattes are the best – period. If turmeric lattes are not your thing – one of my friends says they taste like drinking a spice cupboard – then I’ve been told you’ll be hard pushed to find a finer cup of coffee this side of the Severn.

If you’ve not been down to the arcade I would urge you to take a look. And pop your head in and say hello.

I’ll be working in the arcade on Monday, Thursday and Friday and in my existing clinic in Uplands on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Castleton Walk Arcade, Newton Road, Mumbles SA3 4AX

Lazy Frog, 1 Uplands Terrace, Uplands, Swansea SA2 0GU

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