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Being productive means working smarter and prioritising effectively.

Remove distractions As Adam Hochschild said “Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short.”

If you want to be more productive, ensure you eliminate distractions by disabling notifications, turning off your phone, scheduling time to do daily tasks. But importantly, don’t let negative people, social media, phones, or noise get in the way of what will reap the rewards.

Take breaks

Taking breaks increases your work productivity. A break allows you to re-focus. There are many ways to spend your breaks, but it’s important that the activity gives you energy and recharges your batteries

Prioritise your work

The more important the task, the greater the result. If you have a challenging task, prioritise getting it done in the morning. With the important tasks out the way, you can then have a clear mind to get on with the rest of your day.

Get organised

Organising your workspace will help organise your mind. In a practical sense, it makes it easier to find information and helps reduce time being wasted on searching.

Be on top of your expenses

To be on top of your game, you need to be on top of your finances. You need to manage expenses, receipts, invoices, mileage costs and payments as they are completed. There is lots of software out there you can use to help keep your expenses in order.

Schedule your days

Staying on top of what you do on a daily basis is important; it will help you manage your working week. Having it written down somewhere that you can refer to easily and quickly, so you don’t forget things is vital. Always ensure you allow enough time to do your tasks, travel to a client meeting or most importantly have time to catch up on things and take breaks. We are humans not robots.

Being a small business owner is a great experience and opportunity, which can be highly rewarding! But it can be hard at times and requires more than just juggling your time and fulfilling a to-do list. Between the many people and projects vying for your time and attention, it can be hard to figure out where to focus your energy to ensure you are making the most of your time!

Plan your next day

Having a set of tasks to work on as soon as you get into work, removes wasting time figuring out what needs to be done and what you didn’t do yesterday. When you plan your day in advance, knowing exactly what you need to do, minimises the amount of time wasted trying to figure out what to do first. Plus you can start to see if you are avoiding certain jobs.

Unplug from interruptions

It’s been well-cited, that it can take over 15 minutes to refocus once you have been inter-rupted, so once you find your flow and rhythm, don’t let other people take it away. You can help avoid this by removing yourself from a situation where others can interrupt, or phones, notifica-tions and pop-ups can get in the way

Always delegate

Delegating work (left) is a must for any savvy and successful business owner. You cannot do everything yourself. If you try to, you will find yourself becoming a busy fool, and perhaps not giving any single task the concentration and time it deserves.

Maintain self discipline

Self-discipline is crucial for helping you reach your goals. It can be difficult to stay focused. To help achieve this establish a clear plan, stay consistent, create accountability sharing your goals with someone who will make sure you stick to them and importantly don’t forget why you started your business.

Go paperless & use technology

Going paperless and using technology means you can access all your business documents, systems and informa-tion from any device while you are on the go, without needing to worry about dealing with lots of paper. There are numerous systems that sync together. Many software applications are compatible which means you no longer need to manage multiple copies, update numerous lists or databases. You can often sync your CRM with your accounting software and your marketing database. Using technology in your business will save you a lot of money and time.

You’re on your way to success!!

If you’re looking to increase your productivity, consider following the above tips. However delegating tasks rather than trying to do everything yourself is part of every successful business owners toolkit.

It’s normal to want to do everything yourself, but you also need to ensure you don’t burn out in the process. Giving yourself time to plan your days, take time to recharge your batteries and use all the technology and tools at your fingertips, will support you and your business success.

Heidi May. Business Support Manager. Oasis Business Support.








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