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There are many rules for leading a healthy lifestyle – we get bombarded with so much information – and not all of it is right. The important points are often overlooked. In this article I have highlighted 5 key points which can be catagorised as ‘common mistakes’.

How many of the following are you guilty of?

  1. Food shopping when you are hungry

Don’t do it. It can be a huge test of your willpower because we are more likely to overindulge if we are hungry. We are more likely to put the ‘bad’ foods in our trolley, more of the foods we feel we want, but don’t need. Ever felt hungry and craved a salad? No, didn’t think so.

  1. Fad diets work

They do not work. They cost money and all you’re doing is reducing the calories for a few weeks, so you see a quick win. Juice diets are the same. As soon as you go back to solid food again, you put all the weight back on. So, try to stick to a balanced diet, reduce the calories a little and exercise more.

  1. Drinking when thirsty

Hydration is sometimes overlooked. Most of us don’t drink enough water or fluids. We wait until our body tells us we are thirsty before drinking, which is the way our body tells us we are dehydrated and need to drink. Coffee is a stimulant that dehydrates us, along with alcohol. Therefore, the best drink you can have is water. After all it makes up 60% of our body.

  1. All or nothing approach

From my experience in my years of being a personal trainer, I have learnt that people will either be really good, training hard and eating clean or…really bad, not exercising and eating anything and everything. Find a happy medium that works for you, given your lifestyle and what you want to achieve. Changes that are too drastic from your day to day routine will be hard to follow. Small adjustments are needed for sustainable results.

  1. Results or you give up

We all expect to see results too soon. That ideal body didn’t take 8 weeks to build, that model doesn’t look that way because they had a quick fix, so why do we think we can achieve it in 8 weeks? Here’s a timeline for you. Typically, it takes 4-6 weeks for your body to adapt to exercise, therefore fitness will improve and you will see cardiovascular benefits. It takes 6-8 weeks for our strength to improve and 8-12 weeks for our physical shape to change. Trust the process, be consistent, results will take time.

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