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I know I have crow’s feet and bunny lines – I can’t call them laughter lines any more since my daughter commented nothing is that funny. But I accept that the privilege of growing old comes with lines and wrinkles, and I am certainly not concerned enough to resort to facial aesthetics or Botox.

So, I was interested to hear about reflexology that gives not only a great facial, but a spiritual lift as well. As well as foot reflexology Philippa Lowcock (pictured left) practises reflexology (Bergman Method) from Sketty Therapies. She has also trained in Zone Face Lift with its creator Ziggie Bergman at the London School of Reflexology. Philippa is a Member of the Association of Reflexologists.

Ziggie Bergman was a TV director working with celebrities and models including Elle Macpherson, Kate Moss and Keira Knightly, until a chance encounter with reflexology changed the course of her life. After qualifying in reflexology, she studied with the Native American shaman when she lived in New Mexico, and spent many years practising reflexology and studying with the shaman and healers in Santa Fe. Zone Lift combines traditional reflexology methods with ancient healing techniques.

Philippa began my treatment with some techniques inspired by Indian head massage, followed by a couple of minutes of facial cupping. Cupping works by gently lifting the facial tissue, increasing the blood circulation and stimulating lymphatic drainage. As new blood flow is encouraged, healthier looking, oxygenated skin results in a glowing complexion.

Next, came a short holistic facial which uses hot towels to open the pores and stimulate circulation, then an organic cleanser, exfoliator and toner.

Philippa then applied Zone Face Lift facial elixir, packed with herbs, it is billed as being ethical, organic, award-winning and amethyst crystal-infused, to lift your spirit as well as your skin. Ziggie wanted to create a facial reflexology product that harnessed the magical and medicinal properties of Native American sacred plants.

The Zone Face Lift sequence started with the application of quartz crystal balls, which was lovely and cooling. Then came the acupressure roller to stimulate my nerve endings, followed by the Zone Face Lift massage – working deeply on facial tissue to increase oxygen and encourage nutrients and stimulate nerve supply. Part of the process involved a GuaSha – a jade tool that is used to massage, smooth and scrape the skin which stimulates the facial reflexology points, decongesting the skin and helping with reducing sinus congestion and puffiness in the skin.

Philippa finished with some head and shoulder moves – and a hot towel, toner and moisturiser.

I have a confession to make – a lot of the above was explained to me later. I have very little recollection of my 60-minute treatment after the initial hot towel application, I fell fast asleep and only woke up when I was gently brought back to consciousness by Philippa.

Did it work? Well my skin was certainly brighter and very soft, and I was perfectly happy to leave the clinic bare faced – with not a scrap of makeup. My spirit was definitely lifted and I felt very relaxed – it was as if I had spent the day in a spa – Philippa’s treatment room is a little oasis of calm.

The Zone Face Lift is promoted as ‘Pioneering a new way to naturally age well’. Renowned for remov-ing as much as 10 years of ageing over a 12-week programme. It lifts the face and spirit. Clients are left feeling beautifully relaxed with a smoother face.

In addition to the anti-ageing benefits, it also:

  • Helps to release emotions held in the face
  • Is calming and uplifting and helps to lift mood and reduce anxiety and stress
  • May help with migraines, sinus problems, insomnia, IBS, joint pain and depression.

ZFL 60-minute treatment £65

ZFL Programme – course of 12 weekly sessions £650 (discount of £130)

For further information or to book a treatment, contact Philippa on 07825 988730





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