Stay fit in quarantine

Fitness Training with Nicky Holland

Due to the current global pandemic, we have to be smart if we want to avoid putting on the extra kilos of weight at this time. Many people are working from home, which is great. It’s really important that we self isolate. But from a health perspective, what does working from home mean?

If we are following government guidelines and not going out, we are less active. If we are not walking (back and for to the fridge x10 times a day doesn’t count), if we are not going to the gym, playing sports or exercising then we are likely to be sitting down more, snacking more and therefore eating more. What happens then? It’s obvious, we will gain weight.

If you’ve seen social media recently, many people are filming home workouts you can do, which use little or no equipment. These are great to do because they get you moving. They increase your heart rate, burn calories, get the muscles firing and keep your brain active. I’ve been filming home workouts everyday which can be found on my Instagram page @nicky_fitness. There are 84 bodyweight exercises you can follow and a load of different HIIT workouts using little equipment such as dumbbells, kettle bells, a step and resistance bands. There’s a lot of content on there, which can benefit everyone at this time.

Are home workouts ‘better’ than going to the gym? Of course not, that’s why gyms were created. However, home workouts help you to stay fit (and sane) during quarantine. Before we go through some of the most effective exercises you can do at home, let’s think of the benefits. If we do 30 minutes of exercise, that is 4% of your day. I’m sure you can make time for this. All of the exercises (in white box above right) can be done without any equipment, you just need some floor space.

Round 1 = High knees vs Squats

Round 2 = Mountain climbers vs Push ups

Round 3 = Glute bridges vs Abdominal heel reaches

Round 4 = Skater vs Lunges

Round 5 = Burpees v Plank foot taps

The above = 10 exercises. How you plan to use these exercises is up to you. For example, you could do each round 2-3 times then move on to the next. Alternatively, you could do round 1-5 then rest and repeat that 2-3 times. Feel free to add weight to make it harder if you want that progression. If you are unsure of the exercises, you can check out my Instagram for the videos.

I’m sure that you will feel better after doing these exercises. It will help decrease stress, release endorphins and make you feel good. It will also help you stay sane and make sure you don’t lose all of your progress. Summer is just around the corner.

Visit my Instagram page @nicky__fitness and my website for more information. Stay safe, stay active!


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