An Appeal

by the Pettifor Trust

Despite signs in the window asking people not to leave bags outside their Sketty and Killay shops, the volunteers at the Pettifor Trust are greeted every morning with an average of 30 bags – that is 60 in total.

Although the charity appreciates the donations, the bags are usually destroyed either by the weather or people stealing. Last month someone left 20 bags outside the Sketty shop in Eversley Road. A man came along with a suitcase and ripped the bags open, took what he wanted leaving the rest to be destroyed by the rain.

Another problem that is on the increase is bags of rubbish being left on the doorstep. At least twelve of these bags are left each day and they are pretty revolting as they contain dirty nappies, empty cans and plastic milk containers. With a restriction on how many black bags can be left out and the fact that the recycling centres aren’t taking any non-recyclables, this problem is just getting worse.

The Pettifor Trust is not the only charity with this problem. Fly tipping is costing charities a great deal of money as they have to pay a private company to remove the damaged goods and rubbish.

Even with CCTV in place it doesn’t seem to put people off. The charity reports every incident to the police and supplies a video, but it still remains that the charity has to pay approximately £200 every week to dispose of this rubbish.

So, if you would like to donate any items to the Pettifor Trust please take it to the shop when it is open. You can call ahead to find out if they are taking donations. The Killay shop is on 01792 281138 or the Sketty shop on 01792 419639.

The charity’s mission is to educate people on the welfare of animals and to support registered animal charities. It is reliant on public donations and really appreciates the generosity of so many individuals – let’s help them to continue their fantastic work by not leaving our donations on their doorsteps.

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