There’s tidy! – The benefits of organising your household documents

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During lockdown many of us spent time redecorating, tidying and clearing our homes and gardens. Some of us finally had the time and opportunity to sort through cupboards and drawers which had been overlooked for a while. We all know that being organised can save us time in the long run, for example always returning your keys to a drawer, hook or basket when you arrive home saves you the desperate search each time you leave the house. The same can be said for our homes. On the sale of a property there are a number of forms to be completed, which can seem daunting. However, it would be far simpler if any documents to do with the property were kept in one folder or box file, so for example the Fensa certificate for replacement windows, a Gas Safe certificate for the replacement boiler, maintenance records, solar panels documentation, cavity wall insulation certificates, building regulations certificates and planning permissions.

If you were given documents relating to the property from your solicitor when you bought the house, keep them in the folder as well. Also keep an electronic copy of the documents on a laptop or tablet. Not only will your solicitor usually ask for copies of these documents, it will help you complete the form because you will have a record of the dates the work was carried out.

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