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In order to see a change, you need to have all the cogs spinning and moving in the right direction. When it comes to fitness and life, you need balance. You can’t drink alcohol every night and not be dehydrated or have a sore head, you can’t be good with your diet in the week, overindulge on the weekends and expect to lose weight, you can’t stay awake and function on minimal sleep then try to be productive and deliver good performance. We know this, but we often convince ourselves “Oh I’ll be ok” and we are unable to get back on track.

This month’s article will talk about balance and how the three main elements can have a big impact if you prioritise them. If you are someone who is on a strict diet (I’m talking about competition diet) where you track every calorie you consume, it would be accurate to say that you probably have a bad relationship with food, no social life and despite looking great, actually feel tired, hungry and depressed. Then on the other side of the spectrum, if you are someone who eats what they want, enjoys eating, doesn’t pay attention to the nutrition value of food and has a good social life, you might actually be unfit, gain weight and feel depressed by the way you look. My point here is, being too strict can affect you in other areas and not being strict enough can also have a negative impact. To combat this, you need to first establish what you want, then find your balance, which works for you. This needs to fit in with your current lifestyle, as you are more likely to sustain it, rather than drastically changing your day to day habits.

If you have read my articles before, you would know that the three main elements which can affect your fitness and progress are:

  3. SLEEP

 Let me explain each one, starting with exercise. If you are more active on a daily basis, you increase your N.E.A.T (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) and therefore you will burn more calories. This doesn’t mean you have to do an intense spinning class or go for an hour run, to put it simply, just move more. The more active you are each day, increases your metabolism. Doing resistance training can increase muscle mass and reduce body fat which can also help you burn more calories and get stronger at the same time.

Then we have Nutrition.

Arguably more important than exercise, because what you eat and what you fuel your body with, can determine how much energy you have and how much body fat you have. If you eat more and exercise less, you will be in a calorie surplus, meaning you will gain weight. This can be good if you are trying to increase size, muscle mass or strength. If you eat less and exercise more, you will be in a calorie deficit, which means you will lose weight. The quality of the foods foodsyou consume, are also key to ensuring you have the right macronutrients and micronutrients in your diet that your body needs.

Finally sleep. In order for the body to grow, rest and recover, you need sleep. Studies state that 6-8 hours of sleep a night is enough to satisfy us and give our body time to rest. However, you can have less sleep, but you may find yourself waking up feeling tired, which can then affect your performance, decision making and productivity.

Find the balance with these three elements and you will start to see more progress, day by day, week by week.

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