September Sessions

Surfing with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

Top: Logan Nicol showing why he’s rated as one of Wales’ top young surfers. Above: Swansea’s Patrick Langdon Dark’s backhand attack is pretty impressive in waves of any size. PICS: Guts

Classically, September is one of the best months of the year for big clean swells to hit the British Isles. Scotland, Ireland and even Cornwall had pumping solid waves for most of the last month, but I think Wales forgot to read the memo this year. It wasn’t all bad in the land of my fathers though. We did get some lovely surf, albeit on the smaller side of things and the weather was glorious too. A quick trip down west Wales and another to the Wavegarden, sprinkled in with a couple of fun little sessions around Gower was enough to keep most people’s surf stoke alive. And with October right around the corner, excitement is building as some proper autumn power and size is bound to arrive soon enough.

Top: West Wales sunrise. Insert pic: Pat Dark getting ready for action. Above: The iconic seaweed hut is a must take photo on every trip to Freshwater West. ALL PICS: Guts

Top: Second generation Swansea surfer Luke Hutchins, taking the drop at the Bristol Wavegarden. Above: James Magregor enjoying waves on tap. ALL PICS: Guts


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