Celebrate small wins

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I have worked with many clients over the years. Some have a goal to lose weight, some have a goal to regain fitness, some have a goal to build muscle or have a six pack, some to run a 5k or a 10k for the first time.

I have worked with elite athletes at sports teams to which most are working towards a standard, a performance, a particular body shape or number on the weighing scales

It’s really important to have that focus. That is your end goal and when things get tough, on days when you don’t want to exercise or when it’s raining outside, or the gym is busy, your end goal is your motivation. You should write this goal down, have it visible on a daily basis to keep you engaged and on track. There will be days when you are not feeling your best and you may not exercise, you might eat bad food and go off track, but it’s important to get back on track sooner rather than later, if you want to see any progress.

When I meet a new client, I first start with a consultation. This helps both parties get to know one another and for me to establish the client’s goal(s) and how I can help them. Once we have an overarching goal, we can break it down into smaller, more manageable goals.

Macrocycle – is the term used to describe the long-term goal, from start to finish. This could be a 6 month or 12 month period.

Mesocycle – is a breakdown of the long-term goal into smaller chunks. For example, in a 6 month macrocycle, there could be x6 monthly mesocycles.

Microcycle – is the smallest chunks. For example, in a 6 month macrocycle, there are x6 monthly mesocycles made up of 24 microcycle weeks.

Most people think the macrocycle long term goal is the main focus, when actually they’re wrong. It’s the microcycles that are key in determining whether that client will reach their long-term goal. What you do on a day to day and weekly basis, will ultimately have the biggest impact on your progress and results. This is where the title of this article comes in to play “celebrate small wins”.

This is basically giving yourself a reward on your fit-ness journey. I’m not saying you need to go eat all the ice cream at Joe’s or eat 3 Domino’s pizzas, but my point is that you should reward progress along the way. Why? Again, based on my experience and from studying literature around behaviours and psychology, we are more likely so sustain something if we are seeing improvements ourselves and if we constantly have the motivation and belief to achieve it.

Don’t look at the long-term goal. Break it down into smaller goals and praise yourself when you reach those small goals as they act like checkpoints towards the bigger goal.

Here are some examples of small wins…

  • Going for a coffee with friends and not having a cake that comes with it
  • Walking for 45 mins non-stop when you used to only do 30 mins
  • Going down the pub and having 1 alcohol beverage instead of the 3 or 4 you normally have
  • Eating 5 fruit or veg a day when before you only used to eat 1 maybe 2
  • Doing an extra 2 repetitions in the gym on a particular exercise, now you do 12 instead of 10
  • Getting 6-8 hours sleep a night instead of 3-4 hours broken sleep

These may not seem like much, but these little small wins create positive habits, that over time can have a big impact on your long-term goal.

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