Unison Health & Safety Update

With Chris Cooze - Unison

ERIC PD Prevents Death

  1. Eliminate
    Can the risk of breaking social distancing be eliminated using alternate working methods like home working? If not:
  2. Reduce
    Can the risk of breaking social distancing be reduced by limiting the number of workers in any given area or supply more welfare facilities? If not:
  3. Isolate
    Can the risk of breaking social distancing be isolated by separating areas of the workplace? If not:
  4. Control
    Can the risk of breaking social distancing be controlled through supervision, clearly marked areas of access and two metre markings similar to supermarkets? If not – or if the risk still can’t be sufficiently avoided – then issue PPE.
  5. Personal Protective Equipment
    Following the risk assessment, clear and identified PPE should be issued free of charge. REGULATION 4 OF THE PPE states:

Every employer shall ensure that suitable personal protective equipment is provided to his employees who may be exposed to a risk to their health or safety while at work except where and to the extent that such risk has been adequately control-led by other means which are equally or more effective.

This means that PPE should not be the first means of controlling the risk of contracting Covid-19 in the workplace.

  1. Discipline
    Through proper training, advice and clear understandable policies and notices including posters.

All our members need to remember they must risk assess their own working environment! Section 44 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 provides workers with the right to withdraw from and refuse to return to a workplace that is unsafe.

Your H&S Officer’s – Rob Thomas 0700939460 Chris Cooze 07552230183


There for You has set up a special response fund to help UNISON members in immediate financial difficulty due to coronavirus. We can provide a one-off grant of £250 to help with essential expenses such as food and bills. If you have difficulty completing the form, email us at thereforyou@unison.co.uk or call 020 7121 5620. Members APPs are in operation please contact our office to be updated Tel: 01792635271 Web: unison@swansea.gov.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/unisonswansea.council

Branch Activity Update

Your Unison Branch has adopted a number of new working practises that enables us to facilitate the employers.

We are facilitating daily TEAMs meetings, Members Department forums advising our members.

Our Web Site, Facebook, Telephones, Emails and several APPs are monitored and facilitated seven days a week.

As the Authorities largest union, we are heavily involved in multiple negotiations with the employer as well as supporting employers, Freedom Leisure, Gower College and multiple third sector employers.

To date we have been instrumental in risk assessment reviews, return to work recall of staff, increased PPE, suspension of parking fees, key workers child care, limited staff recall to the Guildhall and Civic Centre, protected salaries, furloughed staff, child and dependency care, shielding issues and lastly supporting our members who have contracted Covid19.

As secretary I have reorganised our working practises to suit our members needs and this has seen us establishing a central HUB, this is where we organise to resolve issues and answer queries as they arise.

Branch HUB Contacts and Telephone Numbers

Mark Otten 07900 204197 Cleansing & Building Services

Michelle Pow 07815 905957 Education & Leisure

Jan Murray 07840 268160 Education & Carers

Rob Thomas 07500 939460 Highways & Covering All Incoming Issues

Patrick McCormack 07387637495 Parks and Cleansing

Norman Mednis 07504 900048 Catering & Cleaning

David White 07870 465697 All Social Services

Matt Shephard 07584198885 PPE Social Issues

Michelle Pow 07468 421822 Branch Admin, Organising Workflow

Chris Cooze 07552 230183 Lead Negotiations/Strategic Management

Are your details up to date?

Any member that needs help or advice, be it work related, financial or personal, please contact us, we are here to help you NOW! Now more than ever, is the time to ensure we hold correct and up to date details for you, particularly e-mail addresses.

You can check and update your details online on your MYUNISON account. If you have not previously used MYUNISON, you will need to register. You can access MYUNISON at www.unison.org.uk/my-unison Or contact our Unison Swansea Admin and double check your details

Unison.swansea@swansea.gov.uk T: 01792 2635271

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