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May mac's help desk with Steve Paris

Q: I’ve seen people with iPhone screens that look radically different from mine, with large images and info where icons should be. What’s up with that and how can I do it myself?

 A: This is a feature of the recently released iOS 14, and as long as you have an iPhone 6s or higher, you can take advantage of it.

These new widgets can take up the space of 4, 8 or 16 regular icons depending on their size. To install one (or more), tap and hold on an empty space on your screen until the icons start to jiggle. You’ll notice a ‘+’ sign top left of the screen. Tap on it to see all available widgets (based on the apps you currently have installed).

Take Weather for instance. It lets you choose the size you’d prefer (the bigger the size the more data it can provide, but the more space it takes up on your screen). Once added, you can drag it and place it pretty much anywhere you please, on whichever page you’d like.

If you tap and hold on some Widgets, you have the ability to edit them. Using with the Weather Widget as an example, you can set it to a different location other than your current one.

There’s also something called a Stack. This places same sized widgets on top of each other, and you can scroll through them by swiping up or down on the stack itself. To create one, when the screen jiggles, just drag one widget on top of another, et voila!


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