Product testing with a difference

Surfing with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

As a surfboard builder, I always look forward to the first few months of the year, not because I’m a masochist and I love the wet and the cold, but because it’s this period of the year that I have time, with the shop and factory being quiet, to do plenty of product testing on all my new surfboard models.

My usual product testing comprises of packing up a big bag of my latest creations, travelling to epic surf destinations such as Ireland, Portugal and Scotland or even as far as Australia in search of perfect waves in which to test the heck out of my shiny new hand shaped beauties.

Testing in quality waves is very important as it allows you to see how good the boards you’ve made really are because you can’t blame it on the waves if you have a stinker of a surf.

However, due to the ongoing pandemic flying to some far flung destination with a photographer in tow is out of the equation or even a short ferry ride to somewhere closer like Ireland not an option either. So, product testing has had to be a much more local, socially distanced affair this year.

Thankfully, there has been several great quality swells to hit the Welsh coast over the last few months and these have given me the opportunity to work on my new models in some excellent conditions a lot closer to home.


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