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Q: What are the cool features of Big Sur which could tempt me to upgrade?

A: That’s a vast area and would greatly depend on your specific needs, but here’s a couple I really like myself in Apple’s latest Mac operating system:

Battery Info – When working from a laptop, your menu bar always showed your battery level, but Big Sur gives you a lot more information. Click on the menu and you’ll see how long until your battery is fully charged, and also which apps draw the most power. If you’re running off the battery, and you don’t actually need those apps open, quitting them would extend your runtime.

Startup Chime – This is one for the oldies, but in dem olden times, Macs would chime on startup. Now it’s true you rarely hear the chime anymore as restarts have become pretty rare, but we veterans do miss it when we have to perform such actions. There was a convoluted way of bringing it back, but this is no longer necessary: go to System Preferences and select Sound. In the Sound Effects panel, you’ll see ‘Play sound on startup’ to bring back your Mac’s warm chime, thereby restoring normality to the world… well, to your Mac at least.

Steve Paris is an internationally published writer, an Apple Certified Trainer, and provides consultancy, training and trouble-shooting services to the Swansea area.

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