Taking Control in these times of uncertainty

With Car Source Leasing

We all want to make environmentally correct decisions in our lives but need to do so whilst being mindful of the financial cost. In the context of the car that we drive this is made more complex by proposed government policy that will target petrol – and diesel – powered vehicles whilst, at the same time, electric vehicle technology is still being developed and is relatively expensive.

So, what do you do right now if you need to replace your aging vehicle? You may not want to purchase a car or van that could possibly lose even more value than normal due to impending government restrictions (2030). You do not want to pay the cost of being an ‘early adopter’ of immature electric vehicle technology as car companies coalesce the vehicle architecture and government establishes the necessary infrastructure. The future is ‘electric’, and more and more people are buying electric vehicles, but with such high retail costs for this new technology why not consider leasing one for such a reasonable price and also still benefit from the governments tax incentives?

Whether or not you want to make the move to pure electric or wish to remain with proven technology for the next few years, the benefits of having a personal or business lease are undeniable. Car leasing provides an affordable option to drive a brand-new vehicle, without being tied to the OEMs finance and their choice of models. Given the competitiveness of the ‘Car Source Leasing’ package compared with other finance sources you also may be able to drive a better, more expensive, higher specification model than you first thought.

In the current climate the overall cost-of-ownership is critical. The ‘Car Source Leasing’ package offers the lowest upfront and lowest monthly payment options for driving a new vehicle compared to HP (hire purchase) or PCP (personal contract purchase), protecting your savings and leaving you to spend your hard-earned money on other things. Avoid the problems of costly repairs, as when you lease a vehicle, you never own it, so any problems just hand it back to the dealer.

A ‘Car Source Lease’ package offers ‘All-in-one’ fixed cost motoring. With pre-set monthly instalments, all-inclusive manufactures warranty plus optional service/maintenance packages you know exactly what your outgoings are every month. Furthermore, you can change your vehicle more often to keep in step with your family, lifestyle, or job with contract terms from 6 months to 60 months.

And, as if there are not already enough reasons to consider a ‘Car Source Lease’ package, you are not purchasing a depreciating asset! All new vehicles loose value from the day they leave the showroom and most lose 50-60% of their value within 3 years. With leasing this is irrelevant as you never own the vehicle.

With the flexibility offered by a ‘Car Source Leasing’ package you are sure to find a deal to suit your circumstances. So, start by going to our website and, if you need further customisation, please feel free to contact us. Furthermore, we aim to be a little different, so we offer our customers a VIP CLUB optional add on, see information about this on our website.



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