The Great British Staycation…is coming

With Hannah McCartan - Pass the Keys Swansea

New research has found that 83% of British travellers would prefer a UK staycation than a holiday abroad this year. Staycations became the thing to do in 2020 especially in Swansea, with Gower named the best staycation location in the UK. Since the global pandemic, people started looking at staycations in a totally different light.

2021 is predicted to be the same, with many of us choosing to have their holidays in the UK this year and take the opportunity to explore our great British Isles.

This is great news for the short-let industry, especially those with property in Swansea: the gorgeous beaches of the Gower Peninsula and the rolling hills of Brecon are right on our door-step and likely to be a huge draw for tourists from all over the UK.

5 reasons why staycations will be more popular than ever in 2021:   

  1. The COVID-19 vaccine is rolling out across the country This is giving people the confidence they can travel and start making plans again.
  2. Pent-up Demand People are desperate to get out for a change of scenery after being cooped up, for what seems like forever. Families want to spend time together, friends want to catch up and laugh again. Booking a self-catering short-let is a great way to get together
  3. We need a rest From key workers to home-schooling, or the anxiety of furlough, we all need a break from lockdown and the stresses that has brought. A short UK break could be part of the recovery process.
  4. Living expenses for some people have reduced during lockdown People working from home and saving on commuting costs, to having their annual vacation cancelled last year, a lot of people have managed to save money through lockdown. This means people will have more money to spend on going away and exploring once lockdown is lifted.
  5. There is a new type of guest emerging They’re called ‘The Digital Nomads’. Not heard of them before? We hadn’t either! All a Digital Nomad needs is their laptop and they can work from anywhere with an internet connection. Why not spend a few weeks working with a sea view?

Get ready for the staycation boom of the century.  

So, what does this all mean? Make sure YOU ARE READY is what it means.  

It takes on average 4 to 8 weeks to prepare and market a short-let property in order to optimise potential bookings. Make sure that you have all your preparations made because, when the market turns, it is going to get hectic – you will want to make sure you are in the best place to maximise on this opportunity.

Already, we are seeing upwards of 25% increase on nightly rates from 2020-2021, which is reflective of demand and people’s finances allowing extra spending this year.

Based in Killay, Pass the Keys Swansea is run by local property expert, Hannah McCartan and her team. Give us a call on 01792 344482 or drop me an 



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