Tree Circles

Reader Appeal with Lesley Williams

I was contacted last month by readers Mr & Mrs Evans of Tycoch who wanted to know if I had any knowledge of the tree circles planted in the grounds of Sketty School.

I went to the original Sketty School in Tycoch Square many moons ago, and I wasn’t living in the area when the new school was built, so had no idea of any tree circles. A quick jog up the hill and I met with the Evans’ to see for myself, and sure enough there are two plantings – one adjacent to the main vehicular access (above left) and the other up on the hill overlooking the playground (right).

They are pretty overgrown and appear to have been untended for some time. Tree circles need to be pruned in order to maintain their shape – there also appeared to have been some die-off as there were several gaps in the circles.

The Evans’ were interested as they had seen one of the most famous Welsh tree circles in Gwynedd, North Wales. This was planted by David Nash, the sculptor, in 1977 and consisted of 22 ash saplings planted in an area adjacent to his house in Gwynedd (pic right).

I contacted Sketty School to see if they knew who had planted them but they didn’t have anything on their history, just that they had been planted when the school was built.

If you have any information I would love you to get in touch – we might even be able to get them the maintenance that they evidently need.

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