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Bay mac's help desk with Steve Paris

Q: Ever since I replaced the batteries, I’m having problems with my wireless mouse: it’s like the cursor jitters every time I move the mouse – never had issues like that with my older iMac which is gathering dust under the stairs. Any chance you could help fix this as I’m getting behind on my work?

A: This is actually a tricky one to diagnose at a distance. It could depend on a lot of factors, such as faulty batteries, issues with the bluetooth transmitter or receiver (unlikely but we can’t rule anything out). However, I can offer a temporary solution which would help you get on with your job immediately.

Go to your old iMac and grab its mouse. It’s bound to be a wired USB mouse. Just plug it in to your current machine and you’ll be good to go. The USB connection has been ubiquitous since at least 2000, and any mouse – even a PC one – should work with no problems on your modern Mac. There’s just one caveat though: very recent Macs have sported new styled USB ports known as USB-C. They’re much thinner than the original connection. But all you’d need is an adapter (which you can get very cheaply online) and you’d be good to go.

It’s always wise to have a wired mouse (and keyboard) handy should unforeseen issues with wireless devices occur, and cannibalising old machines is definitely a viable option so, you don’t get too far behind on your work! 🙂


Steve Paris is an internationally published writer, an Apple Certified Trainer, and provides consultancy, training and troubleshooting services to the Swansea area. You can email him at or contact him on 077-8866-0407.


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