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Hagerty invites drivers to register their car for display at 2021 Festival of the Unexceptional

Hagerty invites owners of deliciously dull vehicles to nominate them for a space on the concours lawn at the 2021 Festival of the Unexceptional. If you own an Opel, maintain a Morris, fettle a Fiat, cherish a Chevette or run a Reliant this is your chance to show the world your beloved vehicle.

Once again, Hagerty’s annual Concours de l’Ordinaire is open to classic cars, motorcycles and light commercial vehicles built between 1966 and 1996, but spaces on the coveted concours lawn are limited, and owners of eligible vehicles are encouraged to nominate their entry at the earliest opportunity.

Festival of the Unexceptional is a competitive concours that celebrates the world of mundane motoring with a tongue-in-cheek take on the familiar concours format. Instead of displaying multi-million-pound vehicles and enforcing a dress code of chinos and blue blazers, cars are of the type once seen on every residential street, and dress is smart casual without the need to be smart.

Showcasing much maligned and long forgotten ‘ordinary’ classic cars and commercial vehicles of the late 1960s through the 70s, 80s and into the mid-90s, Festival of the Unexceptional remains the only concours that prefers a Dolomite to a Diablo, a Tagora over a Testarossa and where a Victor is preferable to a Vantage.

Hagerty believes in basic and understands the labour of love needed to keep these cars on the road. The cars that were once every day transport are now on the verge of extinction and it takes a committed enthusiast to keep them alive. Cars can be offered for consideration via this link:

Poll finds majority of experienced motorists have no trust in smart motorways

A new web poll on smart motorways from the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart, has revealed that the majority of respondents (85 per cent) want a halt on their construction until the safety case is fully proven.

Furthermore, 84 per cent of the 4,500 respondents surveyed had little faith in the current safety systems’ abilities to detect them if they were to breakdown in a running lane and protect them until help arrived.

Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart Director of Policy & Research, said: “Our members include many high mileage, experienced and confident motorway users but the results of this survey are clear to see, with the vast majority having very little, or no confidence, in the safety of smart motorways.

“We would urge the Department for Transport and Highways England to listen to what smart motorway users are saying and to consider our findings, along with other in-depth research, to determine the best approach to developing the smart motorway network. Delaying decisions on smart motorways will only lead to more drivers getting stressed.”

Meanwhile, other hard-hitting results from the IAM RoadSmart study found that 81 per cent of motorists felt less safe travelling on a smart motorway compared to a normal one, and 81 per cent agreed that hard shoulders should be immediately reinstated on smart motorways.

More than 80 per cent also wanted safety refuges on smart motorways to be spaced at 500 metres apart or less.

Finally, 40 per cent of drivers found no noticeable improvement in their journey time, with only 4 per cent finding a very noticeable improvement compared to 6 per cent who actually found it worse than before.

“This survey highlights a potentially very serious unintended consequence in that driver reluctance to use smart motorways could create increased traffic on local A and B roads. This would undoubtedly lead to an increased risk of collision and injury with even more delays and driver frustration resulting.” Greig concluded.

An array of tempting post-lockdown offers from Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi Motors in the UK has an array of tempting spring offers for customers seeking a new post-lockdown vehicle to get them back on the road.

There are customer savings across the range for cars registered between April 1 and July 31 2021, up to £4,000 on some models, with three years’ of free routine maintenance, as well as three years’ home and roadside assistance, also included.

In addition, anyone who takes a test drive at an official Mitsubishi Motors dealership between April 5 and May 31 2021 is eligible for an additional £400 saving on top of any existing offer.

That means that right now customer savings can range from a £1,400 on the Mitsubishi ASX (£1,000 saving plus £400 test drive bonus) to a £4,400 saving (£4,000 customer saving plus £400 test drive bonus) on both the Eclipse Cross and award-winning Mitsubishi L200 pickup. The UK’s best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, attracts a £3,900 saving (£3,500 + £400) and there is a £2,400 (£2000 + £400) saving for Outlander Petrol customers.

On the Mitsubishi Mirage and Mitsubishi Shogun Sport there are also 0% APR finance plans available and there is up to 28% off a wide variety of official Mitsubishi accessories, including spoilers, floor mats, tow bars and the L200 bed box and styling bars.

Finally, due to the disruption caused by the recent lockdown, a limited number of 20-plate, delivery-mileage Outlander PHEVs are also available from just £26,995 via Mitsubishi Motors’ Buy Online portal which will then be delivered at a local dealer of the customer’s choice.

The new Mitsubishi range is available to order now from Mitsubishi showrooms and via Mitsubishi Motors’ Buy Online service: 

We can all help to reduce motorcycle casualties, says GEM

ROAD SAFETY and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist is keen to reduce motorcycle casualties as the new riding season gains momentum. Central to this, according to GEM, should be a focus for riders on boosting their skill and knowing their limits.

At the same time GEM is urging other road users to improve their observation in an attempt to reduce the number of motorcycle collisions.

There were 336 motorcycle fatalities in 2019 (the latest available statistics), a five per cent fall on the previous year, but still accounting for 19 per cent of all road deaths.

Motorcyclists make up less than three per cent of vehicles on the UK’s roads, so the disproportionately high figure shows how risky motorcycling can be. GEM chief executive Neil Worth said: “If Covid-19 restrictions continue to be reduced, we anticipate large numbers of riders wanting to make up for lost time in 2020. Most will ride sensibly and responsibly, but some are likely to take unnecessary risks. There’s a lot of satisfaction to be gained from riding a motorcycle with skill and precision. But if you’re riding at speed, there is no margin for error if you – or another road user near you – gets something wrong. This year, more than ever, we’re encouraging riders to give themselves an all-important ‘skills MOT’ during this early part of the season. But we’re also urging drivers and pedestrians to make a special point of looking out for motorcyclists, especially at junctions where riders are particularly at risk.”

Use the start of the riding season to invest in a refresher day with a training professional. Search online for motorcycle training days or consult your local club or advanced motorcyclists’ group.

Ensure self-preservation is your priority. The predominant cause of motorcycle crashes is the failure of car drivers to detect and recognise motorcycles in traffic. So wear high visibility clothing on all journeys, and ride in a way that gives others a better chance of seeing you.

Don’t ride beyond your comfort zone, especially if you’re riding in a group. If your friends are cornering too quickly for you, let them go and join them at the next junction.

Try not to dwell on your errors as go along. Plan well ahead, anticipate the next hazards. When you stop for a break, reflect on anything that didn’t go to plan, ask what you have learnt and how you can reduce the chance of the same thing happening again.

Win an All-New Isuzu D-Max: Are you Driven To Do?

To celebrate the launch of the smarter, stronger and safer All-New Isuzu D-Max, Isuzu UK has announced an exciting competition aimed at Driven business owners. The pick-up professionals are offering hard-working entrepreneurs who have started a company during the pandemic the chance to loan a top-of-the-range Isuzu D-Max V-Cross, featuring a 9” multifunction touchscreen, leather upholstery and gun metal exterior styling, for a whole year.

The All-New Isuzu D-Max combines smart new styling and impressive safety technology with improved off-road performance. Not only does it deliver the strength and durability you’d expect from an Isuzu pick-up truck but this capable workhorse now adds superior levels of comfort and refinement. From fleet operators to farming families, the D-Max appeals to a wide variety of drivers but they all have something in common: the Isuzu D-Max and its owners are Driven To Do.

Isuzu UK are on the look-out for a Driven individual who has launched a new company during the Covid pandemic. Were you inspired to finally launch a new catering business? Had the time to start your own plumbing company? Perhaps you needed to go out on your own in order to support your family during the pandemic? If so, Isuzu UK want to hear from you. They want to celebrate all those hard working entrepreneurs who are making things happen and may just need a little help to get their business on the road.

During the first lockdown, Isuzu UK made 4 key commitments as many of their customers form part of the ‘key worker’ group. In addition to keeping workshops open for essential services, Isuzu pledged to loan its fleet and demonstrator vehicles, free of charge, to those businesses and services that needed to get food and medicine to people who were most in need and the hardest to reach. Now, they’d like to continue this assistance by helping a new business owner grow their company as life gets back to normal in 2021.

Driven entrepreneurs who set up a business in the last year are invited to apply for the loan a brand-new top of the range D-Max. The lucky winner will receive:

  • The loan of an All-New Isuzu D-Max for one year
  • Marketing and Social support from 438 Marketing
  • Vehicle decals for the D-Max with the winner’s company information
  • Top tips and advice in a one-to-one Zoom business meeting with the Managing Director of Isuzu UK, William Brown.
  • 1 year’s fully comprehensive insurance from Admiral Van Insurance

Applicants should visit and complete the on-line form for their chance to win an All-New Isuzu D-Max.


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