5 Reasons why YOU are not in your best shape

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I see it all the time and in this article I have chosen my top 5 reasons, why you are not in your best shape, when you could be. Read through the points and see how many you can change and action, so that you can facilitate progress.

1. You keep putting it off

I’ll start next week” or “I’ll wait until I can give 100%” are reasons I have heard. I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news here but there is no perfect time to start and if you are waiting for that, you will be waiting a long time as it may never come. Think about what you want, write a plan and take action. The sooner you start the sooner you will see a change.

2. It’s not a priority

We say we want it but we don’t want it bad enough. We want to lose weight but it’s the weekend and the take away always wins. We want to shift the beer belly but it’s a friend’s birthday this Saturday night and you can’t go and not drink. Your health is the most important component you can control, as it ultimately depends on how long you live.

3. You’re trying to do it alone

Unless you are super motivated, you will get distracted, procrastinate and deviate off track as you try to juggle a job, a family, a social life and exercising to name a few. It is hard and in reality, many people fail to ask for help as they believe they know what they need to do. Invest in a fitness professional to guide you and educate you through the process as they know what’s coming and can coach you when you start to give up.

4. You can’t stick to it consistently

This could be down to your goal not being “SMART” or you underestimating the discipline and commitment required to get into your best shape. A few days of eating good, clean foods doesn’t make you healthy, just like a few days of eating bad foods doesn’t make you unhealthy. It’s all about moderation and what you do consistently. Therefore, it’s key you find a nutrition and exercise balance that fits in with your current lifestyle and one you can sustain over the long term.

5. You create your own barriers

I don’t have the time to exercise” or “I don’t have the money for a Personal Trainer” or “Work is too busy right now” or “I have a bad knee”. These are all barriers. A barrier is something that we can overcome if we are willing to sacrifice, work hard and be open to change. We create barriers and excuses because we are afraid to face the truth and are trying to protect our ego. Find a way to make it work and commit to it, if you don’t the only one holding you back from getting in your best shape ever…is you.

If any of the above resonate with you, take action today! Reach out if you need my support.

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