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Commercial Insurance with Julie Heatley-Thomas - Prescott Jones

Insurance is often viewed as a grudge purchase, but it is up to practitioners like Prescott Jones to bring the subject to life. We like to explain how it facilitates the safe trading of a business and supports its growth and development. Moreover, when it suffers an incident or loss it enables that business to rebuild, continue to trade and recover.

So as Prescott Jones moves through its 30th year as an independent insurance broker, we have challenged our colleagues out of their comfort zones and put them in front of the camera to film a series of explainer videos with the help of digital agency http://www.burningred.co.uk

Throughout July and August we will be releasing a series of videos through our social media channels and on our website @ www.prescott-jones.co.uk

Subjects tackled will include:

  • What does being an independent broker mean and why should it matter?
  • What is a hard market and why are insurance premiums increasing?
  • Why do small businesses need to use an independent broker rather than buy directly online?
  • What is cyber insurance?
  • What is business interruption insurance?

…and many more.

Julie Heatley-Thomas said, “It was a bit different being filmed but overall, it was great fun and I hope businesses will find the videos informative. Feedback so far has been really good and the viewing numbers have been excellent. Is it too late for an acting career? Casting directors can speak to my agent!

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