Premises Cleaners Deserve Dignity and Respect

With Chris Cooze - Unison

Our invisible workers fighting the covid pandemic every day before we get to work, when we leave work and often throughout the day, how often do we not see them, how often do we walk past them and how many of us know their names, just to say good morning or thank you for making my work area safer.

Cleaners are front line services

Covid-19 has seen our cleaners become the first line of defence as we see many of our colleagues’ return to work

If your job involves cleaning premises where there have been possible or confirmed cases of Covid, you should as a minimum be provided with disposable gloves and an apron.  Swansea Unison sees this as a starting point, we would like to see our members issued with a full uniform, toe protective footwear, trousers and polo shirts. Historically our members have had to wear their own cloths while working with a multitude of cleaning products, products that when splashed or spilt often damages clothing. Many of our cleaners are low paid workers, the cost of replacement clothing is of concern.

For some, cleaning is their main source of income while others are supplementing their household income on a part time basis and some had more than one cleaning job in order to make up paid hours. Multiple employers, splitting daily hours between buildings often sees our cleaners rushing to juggle transport, parking and time keeping resulting in no change of clothing and this is what we are highlighting as a possible cross contamination process that we feel highlights the need for the employers to step up and supply a full uniform.

My name is Chris Cooze, I am the Swansea branch Secretary and the Health & Safety officer and I am setting up a working group within our branch with a view of contacting as many of our domestic workers as possible over the next six weeks as part of our campaign to support full uniform provisions.

For more information or share your views please call, txt or email me.

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