When the tables get turned – All photos by Guts

Surfing with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

The money shot Paul Gill stepping out from behind the lens and nailing the turn of the session

For someone who’s got a bus pass and spends most of his time taking photos, the kid surfs pretty damn good to be fair

Plans easily change or get altered whenever surfing is concerned. This could be due to tide, swell or weather factors. But on a recent visit to the Wavegarden in Bristol with my trusty photographer Paul Gill in tow, things took a big detour in the planning department when I tore my calf muscle skateboarding from the car park to the wavepool. I knew instantly that my session was not going to happen as I could barely walk let alone surf.

Paul, pre surf stretch. Gotta watch those calf strains RIGHT: Paul looking very happy paddling out for his unexpected photo shoot.



At this point, there were two options available to me. The first was to feel sorry for myself, hobble back to the van and sack the whole thing off, or option two was to hobble to the pool, give my session to my photographer and shoot him for a change.

Well, being a brave badger, I took option two, despite being in reasonable discomfort. And I’m glad I did. Paul’s been taking classic surf shots for over forty years and I figured it was only fair to give him a shot on the other side of the lens for a change. He didn’t disappoint either scoring a couple of cracking rides.

Hope you enjoy the highlights.


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