The waiting game…

Surfing with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

Guts, dodging rocks on a low tide microwave at Crab Island Photo Paul Gill

Top: A beautiful place to wait for a ride Bottom: Reflecting … I’d been to a good friend’s funeral this day and stopped on the way back to catch a few waves. Sometimes it’s nice to just stand there and enjoy the moment, it’s what Johnny Hutton would have done x

Every year, surfers eagerly await September and the start of the Atlantic hurricane season. It’s the best time of year for consistent, powerful, quality long distance ground swells to hit our shores, while the warm sea temps allow for a minimum of rubber insulation.

This year however, it’s been a bit of a waiting game, with either flat or tiny waves making appearances on our shores for much of September.

Top: Freshwater waves providing the goods Bottom: Current Welsh ladies champ Emily Williams lighting up the Wavegarden in early September

With such slim pickings to choose from, it’s been a tough decision between free ripple riding in the ocean and
spending hard earned cash on trips to the ever consistent Wavegarden. In the end, I settled for a bit of both

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