There were three in a bed…

Swansea Cats Protection with Lyn Gardner

Paddy, Pamela and Goldie playing three in a bed!

This month we’re highlighting some very special cats that need very special new homes. They’ve been in our care for some time now and we’d really love to see them settled in their new homes before the cold weather arrives. Let me introduce these little fluffy bundles to you…

First off please meet Pamela and Paddy who we think may be mother and son, two of the poor cats we brought into our care from adesperately shocking situation.

Paddy & Pamela

These two have been through trauma that no animal should ever endure. Yet they still trust, still purr, still snuggle up despite all they’ve been through. Pamela is so cuddly and has such an endearing character you’d find it hard to pass her by even though she only has one eye as the other was ulcerated and had to be removed. Paddy is a little shyer, bless him, but comes out of his shell for a treat! They have received extensive vet treatment and limitless tender loving care from our volunteers and thankfully have thrived and survived their ordeal. Paddy and Pamela will need a very special home where they can spend their days in safety, kindness and care. They must be homed together and to a household with no other cats because Pamela is FIV+. Cats Protection would of course provide ongoing support and advice about their care. These poor dear cats deserve the chance of a happy life.

Next up are Jules and Jimbob who keep themselves and their cattery pen as clean and tidy as a new pin! To meet them you wouldn’t know that beautiful Jules and Jimbob suffered years of neglect. Since being in our care they’ve grown in confidence and blossomed into such handsome cats. They are super-fluffy Turkish Angoras so their new owner would need to ensure they’re groomed regularly…they like to keep themselves looking good! They’re partially-sighted but this doesn’t stop them having fun – they love to play and climb on their cat tower. These gorgeous cats need to be homed together and as Jimbob is FIV positive should also be the only cats in the household. Because of this and their limited sight they’d need a safe, secure home environment. They are such a joy and deserve to find a loving home.

Pamela, Paddy and Goldie

As these sweet photos show despite their ordeal and difficulties, Pamela, Paddy and cheeky chap Goldie are still full of fun and are so delightful and entertaining. Chubby little chap Goldie still has some ongoing health issues, but he doesn’t let that stop him having fun!

There were three in the bed and the little one said roll over…

We’d love to hear from you if you think you’d like to adopt or foster any of these darling, fluffy cats…you’d need to show you can provide for all their special care needs of course, but Cats Protection would help support you. It would be so wonderful to find the right homes for these darling cats.

If you’re interested in adopting or fostering Paddy and Pamela or Jules and Jimbob or any of our rescue cats or kittens please get in touch. IMPORTANT: we are keen to match the right cat to the right home, based on our knowledge of the cat and the information you provide. However, due to the high number of applications we’re sorry to be unable to respond to unsuccessful applicants. Please remember we are ALL UNPAID VOLUNTEERS trying to do our best for the rescue cats and kittens of Swansea.

We can be contacted via our Helpline 0345 2602 101 or email us at Please note our helpline is answered by a messaging service and we will respond as soon as we can.


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