Anyone who had a heart… would adopt a rescue cat

Swansea Cats Protection with Lyn Gardner

It’s been a challenging month – we’ve had more calls than ever from members of the public asking us to rescue tiny kittens from gardens, hedges, sheds and houses. We’ve scooped up little scraps of life who are covered in fleas, dotted with horrible ticks and taken them into our care. Our wonderful and amazing (and all the positive adjectives you can think of!) fosterers have taken them into their homes and spent hours and days and weeks transforming these kittens into happy, healthy fluffy bundles of fun all ready for their new lives in loving homes.

Where possible their mums have come in to us too and we’ve cared for them as they in turn cared for their kittens. And if mum is a feral cat, we’ve had her spayed and returned safely to her colony. And if the mother cat is a domesticated cat we’ve helped her find a new home…and spayed her too of course. All this takes time and precious resources…saving little lives is costly, but worth it when you see them homed…always worth it.

Lockdown meant more people acquired cats and dogs, when in normal circumstances maybe they wouldn’t have. Seem-ed like a good idea at the time I suppose, but now things are returning to a semblance of normality, these poor cats (and dogs) are surplus to requirements. We’re getting calls almost every day reporting stray cats and when an owner can’t be found, they too come into our care or are added to our ever-growing waiting list. So probably like every other animal rescue charity we’re full to bursting with beautiful cats looking for their second chance in life. We have cats of all ages, all colours, all temperaments…and we’re hoping we’ll hear from potential adopters of all kinds too!

So here…see over… are just a few of them in all their fluffy, furry, purry glory! Take a look, read their story and maybe there’s a place in your heart for a rescue cat or kitten. We’d love to see them homed as the nights draw in…no cat should spend time in a rescue shelter, but for those who do, make it not last too long.

Misty and Murphy

Meet Misty and Murphy…two delightful pals who came to us when their own-er was too unwell to care for them. Tiny Misty is a gorgeous little livewire who loves to play, eat and repeat. Murphy looks on like a kind big brother and sometimes can’t believe what Misty gets up to. They both love fuss and a cuddle, but Murphy is definitely far less wriggly and makes the most of being the focus of attention…for a change. This gorgeous young pair would love to be homed together but haven’t been dog tested.


Oh Patchy…this dear old boy will melt your heart. Do you have a warm lap or a cosy corner for this lovely puss? He’ll reward you with all the love, purrs and head bops you could ever wish for. Patchy is in the autumn of his years and would make a wonderful companion…and he’s used to living with other cats. He has a particular fondness for a drop of cat milk, and a bit of chicken goes down a treat too.

Such a sweetheart.


Adorable mature puss Annie is looking for a quiet, loving home where she can feel safe and snuggle up cosy. Sadly, Annie was found as a stray but once taken into our care she has blossomed. This pretty puss enjoys the company of other cats (she’s currently enjoying sharing her cattery pen with Peggy – two lovely older cats snuggled up together).


Please don’t overlook older puss Peggy, she’s a sweetheart cat who was found as a stray and we’d love for her to find a quiet, loving home before the nights get cold. She was probably abandoned and was a little bewildered by life and took time to adjust, but she’s learnt to trust people again and has so much to give. She’s been vet checked and doesn’t appear to have any obvious health problems and has had her teeth attended to whilst in our care…so she’s good to go! Peggy is enjoying being roommates with older puss Annie, so is happy with other cats, but not been dog tested.


Young Lily came into our care when she was found as a stray with her 4 kittens, who have now been homed. This gorgeous girl was a calm and chilled-out cat whilst in her foster home but has found life in a cattery pen very stressful. She can therefore be a bit nervous around new people, which is why she’s been overlooked so far…we hope someone will give her the chance she deserves. Gentle Lily loves to have her head stroked and scratched, she’s such a darling puss.

How to choose eh? And these are just a few of the cats in our care – please check out our website for details of more lovely cats!

If you’re interested in adopting one (or two!) of our rescue cats or kittens please get in touch. IMPORTANT: we are keen to match the right cat to the right home, based on our knowledge of the cat and the information you provide. However, due to the high number of applications we’re sorry to be unable to respond to unsuccessful applicants. Please remember we are ALL UNPAID VOLUNTEERS trying to do our best for the rescue cats and kittens of Swansea.

We can be contacted via our Helpline 0345 2602 101 or email us at Please note our helpline is answered by a messaging service and we will respond as soon as we can.


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